Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Nugget Reviews - There's Gold in Them Thar Films!

Every time we watch a new movie ( well, not really a "new" new film, more like a new old film ) I get the urge to write a post about it. But alas, my brain always has more ideas for articles then my fingers have energy to type out. So most go unwritten. 

That's where The Nugget Reviews come to the rescue!   

There are so many classic movies to write about, it would take us years and years just to cover the tip of the mountain, so we asked our good friend Pete the Prospector to sift through what we watch every week and share his rating with you folks. With the Nugget Reviews we'll give a little snippet synopsis and some quick comments about the flick and hopefully some readers will discover a hidden golden nugget whilst panning the flowing streams of Silver Scenes. 

Ol' Pete knows pure gold when he sees it, so if he tells you it's a spud, it's a spud. You better believe it!

The Rating System : 

24 Carat *: This is glistening gold folks. You won't find any finer. Either the movie's entertainment is of such a high caliber that it earns this rating, or else the quality of the film deserves this rank, even if we personally may not have enjoyed it as much as some other films. 

18 Carat : A grand find! It may not be the among the golden mother-load but it has many fine qualities and deserves to be glittering in the spotlight. 

14 Carat : Standard fare. These are movies that are worth seeing once in a while, or if you have a personal taste for them. Your favorites can run along here. Ours do. Think "Goodbye Charlie" ( 1964 ). 

Electroplated Gold: This looks good from the review but once you watch it you know you've been had. Big time. 

Fool's Gold: If you spent your time watching this then yer just as big a jackass as Pete's mule Harry. ( Of course, it takes one to know one...but don't let the word get around ).

* Always search for pure gold. 

We'll be dumping our first nuggets in the water a little later this week, so get your pans ready!

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