Friday, February 10, 2017

From the Archives : The Men in Her Life ( 1941 )

Loretta Young and a handsome John Shepperd catch a moment to discuss matters, whatever those matters be, before their morning ride in this scene from The Men in Her Life ( 1941 ). For a few years Shepperd Strudwick was being promoted as "John Shepperd", but he quickly ditched that moniker and kept his own ( unusual as that name was ) and found greater success as an actor with it. Strudwick was a busy leading man and supporting player, but unfortunately, today he hides among the I-know-the-face-but-not-the-name actors. 

From the Archives is our latest series of posts where we share photos from the Silverbanks Pictures collection. Some of these may have been sold in the past, and others may still be available for purchase at our eBay store :

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