Saturday, July 10, 2021

British Pathe: Wimbledon Finals ( 1964 )

Since the Wimbledon tennis finals are taking place this weekend, what better time to share this fascinating clip from the 1964 Wimbledon tournament? In this 5:09 minute British Pathé newsreel we see highlights from the men's, doubles, and women's competitions.

Fred Stolle and Roy Emerson ( both from Australia ) were competing for the coveted trophy in the men's finals while Maria Bueno ( of Brazil ) and Margaret Smith ( of Australia ) were competing for the women's title. Interestingly, both Stolle and Emerson were also in the doubles' finals. Most of the players throughout the tournament that year were from Australia.

This was during a period when tennis was played close to the net ( today's players favor distance shots ) and when it was perfectly respectful to throw your racket up in the air - either victoriously or in anger!

In the Royal Box, you can see Princess Margaret of Great Britain, Princess Marina of Greece - who also presented the cup to Emerson - and Princess Alexandra of Great Britain.

Ready to watch some tennis? Just click on the link below! 

1964 Wimbledon Finals 

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