Sunday, April 17, 2022

Film Albums: Inspired Themes from the Inspired Movies - The Fantastic Strings of Felix Slatkin

Inspired Themes from the Inspired Movies is our featured film album of the month. This is a really beautiful album to listen to and, as the title suggests, it showcases music from "inspired" films. "Religious films" could have been used in the title instead, but perhaps sales would not have been so good. Nevertheless, it is music from popular religious films of the 1950s and 1960s, lovingly performed by maestro Felix Slatkin. If you like lush string music and sweeping love themes sung with choral backings, then this is an album not to be missed. The arrangements are exquisite. We heard these themes so many times, my sister and I can recognize them from their first notes......and just about anyone can recognize the opening strains of Nepheridi's Theme from The Ten Commandments ( music by Elmer Bernstein ). 

Track Listing 

Side One: 

The Song of Delilah - Samson and Delilah

Love Theme from "El Cid" - El Cid

Forever Yours - A Man Called Peter

Theme from "Francis of Assisi" - Francis of Assisi

"The Prodigal" Love Theme - The Prodigal

Theme from "King of Kings" - King of Kings

Side Two: 

Nepheridi's Theme - The Ten Commandments

The Song of Bernadette - The Song of Bernadette

Love Theme from "Ben-Hur" - Ben-Hur

Rapture of Love - David and Bathsheba

Love Theme from "Quo Vadis" - Quo Vadis

Love Theme from "The Robe" - The Robe

Top Music Picks: The Ten Commandments, A Man Called Peter, Love Theme from Ben-Hur, Love Theme from The Robe. 

You can pick up this album on eBay for around $5 or, if you are lucky enough to find it at a second-hand store, for even cheaper. But for now, have a listen to The Robe on Youtube. 

Happy Easter! 

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  1. What a cool idea for a film themes compilation! I love the soundtracks for Ben-Hur and Ten Commandments and know a lot of these other themes, but a collection with all of them would be really cool. I will have to keep my eye out for this.