Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Paramount Vault on Youtube

Ever since Warner Brothers released rarities from their vaults in their popular print-on-demand Warner Archive DVD-R series, other film studios have followed suit. Currently there is the Sony Pictures' Columbia Classics, MGM Classic Collection, the 20th Century Fox Cinema Archives, Paramount Vault and the Universal Vault Series. So far none have come close to the amount of films that Warner Archives have been releasing, nor the quality, but the Paramount Vault is penetrating a new method of making their archives accessible to the public. 

Currently they offer a number of great Paramount classics, available in their entirety, on Youtube.....and get this, they are absolutely free to watch! How long each of these films remain on Youtube we are unsure of, but at the moment most of the titles have been online for several months already. 

Many of the films date from the 1970s-1990s, but there is quite a nice selection of classics among them too, including these films ( * represents our viewing recommendations ) : 

  • *The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
  • *King Solomon's Mines
  • Paris When it Sizzles
  • The Devil and Miss Jones
  • No Man of Her Own
  • Casanova's Big Night
  • *Here Comes the Groom
  • A Touch of Larceny
  • The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 
  • *Omar Khayyam
  • *Elephant Walk
  • The Mountain
  • *On the Double
  • Dear Brat
  • Artists and Models
  • The Stooge
  • Crack in the World
  • Dark City 
  • The Colossus of New York
  • My Six Loves
  • The Fighting Kentuckian
  • A Girl Named Tamiko
  • Escape from Zahrain
  • Quebec
  • King Creole
  • *The World of Suzie Wong

Click here to check out the official Paramount Vault channel on Youtube and start watching!


  1. That's great news! Thanks for letting everyone know. Some nice title in their inventory.

  2. Thank you for writing this post! I wasn't aware of this. I just subscribed to the Paramount Vault on YouTube. :-)

    1. I'm curious to see what titles they put out in the future. :-)

  3. How cool! I did not know about this, so I am very excited to check out what they have! Thank you!

  4. The Miracle of Morgan's Creek, OMG! This is what I call big news! Thanks!

    1. Hopefully having the film on Youtube will introduce it to some other people ( not familiar with Preston Sturges ).

  5. I was looking for some more Crosby titles and then remembered - I probably own them all! I don't know where I'll find the time, but find it I will.

  6. Great news! By the way, I've recently added guesses to several "Difficult" Screenshot editions. Can you go through them and confirm or deny?

    1. Sure, we'll do that now! I'm pretty certain you identified at least one of them.

  7. Awesome! I've been wanting to see several of these for a while.