Saturday, July 23, 2016

Listen and Guess - The Baffling Audio Game

Today we are unveiling a new game :  Listen and Guess - The Baffling Audio Game! Get your ears ready for the newest puzzle to hit the blogging community!

We like confounding our readers. Those who have tried The Impossibly Difficult Name that Movie Game know what rascals we are when it comes to picking awfully hard screenshots to guess. For this new game, instead of testing your pictorial recognition skills, we're tickling your audio recognition ability. 

Below is a short sound file featuring a voice that should be very familiar to most of you. Not every sound file will contain a voice, however, some clips may contain background music from a film, or dialogue between two actors. Even a short snippet from a behind-the-scenes interview may be thrown into the lot. The point of the game is if you can guess the name of the performer, or identify which film the music/dialogue is from,'re a winner! Alas, there's no prize to be won, we just thought you would like to be driven mad for a few minutes each month.

Ready for the challenge?

This first Listen and Guess clip features the voice of a woman who found popularity on television late in her career. If you can also guess the name of the song that she is singing here, then you're a real know-it-all. What a showoff! 

P.S : Cheating is not tolerated around here. The first culprit to google lyrics will get thirty spankings. 


  1. That's Irene Ryan from Pippin - I think the song was called No Time At All - haven't listened to that cast LP for years.

    1. Wow beachgal, you nailed it! Yes, Irene Ryan performed in the original cast production of Pippin in 1972, one year after the final season of The Beverly Hillbillies. You know your Broadway music!

    2. I am suitably impressed, although beachgal's knowledge of film trivia is already legend!