Saturday, December 22, 2018

British Pathé - Christmas is for All ( 1963 )

This interesting 8:17 minute British Pat newsreel showcases the Christmas light displays throughout London and also gives us a glimpse of what the city folk did to celebrate during the season. 

A lovely rendition of "Away in a Manger" by the boy's choir of St. Michael's College in Worcestershire starts things off and then the cameraman moves to the shops of London where we see a gorgeous display of dolls and jewelry. Mike and the Merseymen are giving their youthful dancers a modern spin on some Christmas classics and then it is on to a most interesting location - a townhall where volunteers (?) are stuffing envelopes with money from the Bank of England. This is money belonging to members of a Christmas savings club. 

The cameraman then gives the audience a peek at Petticoat Lane and all the knick-knacks that could be purchased there before taking us behind-the-scenes at the Bertram Mills Circus. This large circus company used to put on a Christmas show at the Olympia in West London every year. This clip shows the troupe during one of their last performances ( the circus disbanded shortly thereafter ). 
The last stop is at St. Mary's hospital showing Santa delivering presents to children at a hospital. Some 15,000 presents were donated that year alone by The Variety Club and were given out to children at hospitals, schools, and the like. 

Ready to watch Christmas is for All? Simply click on the link below:

Christmas is for All ( 1963 )

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