Monday, September 21, 2020

British Pathe: Autumn Hat Fashions

This month's British Pathe newsreel takes us high up at the Carlton Tower Hotel in London, where a bevy of beauties are displaying the latest fashion in hats....on a very windy day! These designer creations are quite fetching to look at and have very appealing names, too: Coach and Horses, Leafy Glade, Laura, etc. There is something for everyone, even for trolls, who would especially like the South Sea Bubble hat. 

These mod designer creations were reasonably priced at 2-12 pounds each, which is equivalent today to $45-$150 USD. 

The Carlton Tower Hotel ( now known as Carlton Hotel Jumeirah ) is one of London's most popular hotels. It gained its fame for being the tallest hotel in London. It opened in 1961 so it was fairly new when the British Pathe newsreel crew came for a visit. To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, author Clive Aslet published "All That Life Can Afford", a pictorial history of the hotel's celebrated past and the star-studded international travelers who passed through their doors. 

Ready to watch Autumn Hat Fashions? Simply click on this link. 

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