Thursday, December 17, 2020

British Pathé: Peter Cushing and His Toy Soldiers ( 1956 )

This 1956 British Pathé newsreel reveals that the inimitable English actor Peter Cushing was a toy soldier enthusiast. As if he wasn't marvelous enough already! 

As you will see in this 2-minute clip, Cushing had a little corner of his study in his Kensington house set aside for his hobby. He painted his tin soldiers to authentically match the colors of historic military uniforms. 

Cushing was a member of the Model Soldier Society and not only took pride in his painted creations but enjoyed playing with them as well. As the narrator states, he played with his soldiers in accordance with the rules laid down by H.G. Wells in his book "Little Wars". This was years before the outbreak of the wargamer's hobby and, without games like Axis and Allies and Conquest of the Empire, Mr. Cushing had to make do with playing soldiers without a 3-foot gameboard. In truth, he seems to have the advantage and was able to sprawl his soldiers over the entire floor of his study! 

Ready to watch Peter Cushing? Simply click on the link below: 

Peter Cushing ( 1956 ) - 2:12 minutes 

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  1. Indeed. Just when you think Cushing couldn't have been more perfect, there he is!