Thursday, March 11, 2021

British Pathé: Ship Spotters Club ( 1958 )

This entry in our British Pathe series is about a group of boys from Margate who are all members of The Warpole Bay Ship Spotters Club. These nautical-minded youngsters have access to a keen telescope that they use to spot incoming ships...although oddly enough, none seem to be holding a ship's identification manual. 

The club was founded by Mr. Frederick Shelley, owner of the telescope, to help foster interest in seamanship. When the boys are older the club helps to "place them in suitable jobs in the Merchant Navy". Sounds like jolly good fun. 

The lads are also quite talented miniature makers and, with the help of Frederick Shelley ( founder of the club ), they build detailed little ship models. A simple sneeze would amount to a gale storm to these tiny vessels! 

I'm sure all of these lads became admirals-of-the-fleet when they got older....or turned into old sea salts telling yarns about their days spent at Warpole Bay. 

Ready to watch Ship Spotters Club? Simply click on the link below:

Ship Spotters Club ( 1958 ) - 2:19 minutes

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