Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Entertainers ( 1964-1965 ) - Television Series

Youtube always puts the most unusual clips on their homepage when I log in. They claim the clips are suggested based on what I previously viewed but I rarely see the connection. Anyway, a few weeks ago there was a black-and-white thumbnail for a clip that I simply couldn't resist clicking on - Carol Burnett, Chita Rivera, and Caterina Valente dolled up like Morticia Addams singing "I Enjoy Being a Girl" in a fog entrenched graveyard. It's the funkiest version of the song I've ever heard and quite catchy. Boris Karloff introduces the ladies and afterwards performs a wonderful version of "Chim Chim Cher-ee" along with the Lee Hale Singers. Mary Poppins premiered in 1964 and that was the year of the clip. 

As interesting as it was watching these ghouls perform, what I found even more exciting was learning that it came from a television series I never heard of before - The Entertainers. This one-hour variety show premiered September 25, 1964, and lasted only one season ( it was canceled March 27, 1965 ). The show was produced by Carol Burnett's husband Joe Hamilton ( The Garry Moore Show ) and Bob Banner ( The Carol Burnett Show ) with hosting duties rotating between Carol Burnett, Caterina Valente, and Bob Newhart. Quite a lineup! 

The Entertainers had a great assortment of, well, entertainers, that ranged from singers and dancers to comedians, magicians, and actors. Some of the guest stars who appeared on the show were Phil Silvers, Peter Lawford, Imogene Coca, Buddy Ebsen, Chad and Jeremy, The Dave Clark Five, Vivian Vance, John Davidson, Thelma Ritter, Dom DeLuise, Rosemary Clooney, and Craig Stevens. 

The Entertainers has not yet been released on DVD and it is rare to find even a clip from the show online making me wonder whether whole episodes of the series even exist. Still, it is fun to discover something "new", especially with such great hosts as Bob Newhart, Carol Burnett and Caterina Valente ( if you are not familiar with this talented singer, look up some of her performances on Youtube ). 

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  1. You have unearthed quite the YouTube treasure!

    You made me recall the Frasier episode where Bebe and Frasier were hosting a morning show even though Frasier thought it beneath his dignity.

    Niles: Frasier, you're a healer.
    Bebe: Anyone can heal. You're better than that, [eyes light up]
    you're an entertainer!