Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bring Out the Bubbles!

Wahooo! This calls for a champagne celebration! It isn't every day that two sisters from Cleveland start a classic movie blog. It isn't everyday that they start a blog, period. 

But before you pop that cork we better warn you that we start a lot of things with very high expectations which slowly but surely trickle out into half-hearted we-really-oughtta-work-on-that items on a list. A list which somehow gets buried among a heap of other lists. Yes, we admit...we have a terrible case of make-a-list syndrome. But as the saying goes " good intentions willed are as good as good intentions done". Or was it "good intentions are only as good as intentions done"? or maybe it was "good intentions willed are never as good as good intentions done". 

Oh well, enough of that. Here's a summary of all the things you should expect to see on Silver Scenes while we're riding high. ( I don't mean that the way you think! ) 

* a good directory of where to find classic movie info on the web.
* classic movie themed crossword puzzles, quizzes, and picture puzzles. 
* interviews ( you won't see those for a long while from now ).
* lots of rare and unique photographs 
* biographies
* radio broadcasts
* behind-the-scenes tidbits 
..and last, but certainly not least
* classic movie reviews ( you may see the occasional stray TV review meander in if we're feeling sociable ).

On a side note, if you happen to be wondering why there is a lot of mention of Silverbanks Pictures around the site it's because that's the name of our movie photo business and we like plugging it. Smart business move, eh?