The Image Makers : Sixty Years of Hollywood Glamour. Text by Paul Trent and designed by Richard Lawton. Harmony Books, 1982. 

This beautiful book by Paul Trent and Richard Lawton is pure delight for the eye. It is packed with stunning and rare b/w and color photographs featuring your favorite classic Hollywood movie stars like Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, Hedy Lamarr, Gary Cooper, Joel McCrea and many many more. 


The Columbia Story 
Clive Hirschhorn 
Crown Publishers, 1990
Hamlyn Books, 2001 2nd Edition

A definitive resource of the films of Columbia Pictures, covering over 3,000 films made by the legendary studio since it's humble beginning in 1924. Excellent photographs, plot summaries and and cast and crew listings. 

The RKO Story
Richard B. Jewell
Arlington House, 1985

The complete films of RKO pictures. A photo and plot summary accompanies each film title along with cast and credit information. An excellent resource. 

The Warner Brothers Story
Clive Hirshhorn
Crown Publishers, 1979

An authoritative reference source to the films of Warner Brothers. From their first motion picture up until 1980 every film is covered with photos, plot summaries and cast and credit information. Over 1,800 illustrations. 


Films of the Golden Age 
Issues : 4 issues per year
Price : $19.80 per year/$4.95 per issue
Classic Images 
Issues : 12 issues per year 
Price : $3 per issue

An excellent magazine for the classic film lover. Although it is printed on newspaper print and is mainly in black and white, it is chock full of rare photographs and wonderful articles about the famous and forgotten stars and bit players of the silver screen. 

Famous Monsters of Filmland 
Issues: 6 issues per year
Price : $59.94 per year

Cinema Retro
Issues : 3 issues per year
Price : $36 per year/ $12 per issue


  1. Must get both The Warner Bros and RKO stories. My G-d, when you mention WB you got to think of Cagney, Bogart, Muni, Edward G, Lorre, Henreid, and of course Errol Flynn and Bettie Davis. But their supporting people are amazing to. I think of Allan Hale, Frank McHugh, Henry Oneill, Donald Crisp and George Tobias. RKO, though not as big or as popular had some mighty fine movies such as King Kong, Gunga Din, Crossfire, and The Thing. We should mention such greats as Robert Mitchum, Cary Grant, and Robert Ryan, working for them.

  2. Wow! Amazing! Would love to read them..

  3. Old but gold...It was always fun reading books. Thanks for sharing btw!!!

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  6. Love all of these classic books, wanna read them sometimes too.

  7. I always love the The Warner Brothers Story!

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