Thank you for stopping by! Silver Scenes is a little film blog written and edited by Constance and Diana Metzinger - that's us - we're two sisters who love movies. We've been film buffs ever since we were children and practically inherited our love of movies from our father and our grandmother ( our "Oma Rozi" was an usher at a movie theatre in Serbia as a teenager and in her lifetime saw more foreign films than we could ever count! )

We like all kinds of movies. Good movies, bad movies, funny movies, sad movies. We especially like discovering titles we never heard of before and - if they are enjoyable - passing the word about them unto you. We'll let other critics and bloggers cover the famous films, it's the rare and unheralded classics we want you to hear about from us. 

Our interest does not just cover films but television shows, documentaries, shorts, and newsreels as well. It will take us years to review all the visual material these four eyes have seen but we'll do our best to cover what we can! 


  • Rare and Obscure Films from the 1930s-1970s
  • British Films
  • Walt Disney Live-Action Classics
  • Movie Star Trivia
  • German Cinema
  • Classic TV Series and Specials

When we're not watching and blogging about films we're selling vintage movie stills. You can check out our website here: www.silverbankspictures.com

Want to read a review about a particular film/tv show/personality? Drop us a line and if we like your suggestion we'll write about it! 

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  1. Love this blog! Thank you!!! :) Good to know so many other share my passion for old movies!


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