Sunday, May 13, 2018

Famous Stars and Their Mothers

They are just mother's boys and girls grown tall! 

Believe it or not, Hollywood stars have a few things in common with regular folk like us.....for example, they have mothers, too! At least, that is what this photo-spread from the Mother's Day week issue of Movie-Radio Guide would have us believe. But honestly, if it weren't for the captions, the resemblance between some of these stars of the 1930s/1940s and their maters may have gone unnoticed ( not that one would expect Cesar Romero's mother to share his trademark moustache ). 

We'd like to thank the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group for making so many great movie and radio magazines available to the public....and we'd also like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of our readers! 

Eleanor Powell of the twinkling feet and mother Blanche ( above ) always spend the day together. 
Cesar Romero with his mother Maria ( right ) taking time to chat with another beloved mater of the screen, Lela Rogers, star Ginger's mom. 
Formal party is what the irrepressible Mickey Rooney stages for Mother Nell on the great day! Inset: Homey describes Mother's Day in the Darnell family. Linda is getting some fine points on baking from Mom.

Mary Livingston and daughter Joanie have much in common besides the matching red, white, and blue jumpers they are wearing. One of those common interests is story-book time at the Benny's.

Every day is Mother's Day for Titian-haired Greer Garson, for she and her mother, Mrs. Nina S. Garson, are inseparable pals. Instead of making the rounds with some dashing screen hero when on a recent New York trip, Greer's constant companion was her mom. They are seen here at the Stork Club.
Mother of Lucille Manners, soprano star of "Cities Service Concert" ( Fri. NBC ) is herself musically accomplished and was Lucille's first teacher. Kate Smith's grandmother ( pictured ) as well as her mother, is a good pal to the CBS singer. Mrs. Benjamin Hanby is modern, too, and travels by air.
Betty Winkler transferred her dramatic activity from Chicago to New York and took her mother along. Betty stars in "Abie's Irish Rose". 
First grown-up luncheon date for Shirley Temple, Mother's Day, 1941, at the Brown Derby with Mrs. Gertrude Temple. 
Radio star Gracie Allen is not only one of America's favorite entertainers, she's doubly that to a couple of young Americans named Ronnie and Sandra. The two children of Gracie Allen and George Burns like their mom and dad on the air, but they like even better Gracie's reading and George's antics at home. 

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  1. Charming spread. Underneath the movie mag hype, we know real affection is there.