Saturday, June 15, 2019

From the Archives: Charade ( 1963 )

Mrs. Lambert ( Audrey Hepburn ) just received the news of her husband's death from the French police inspector ( Jacques Marin ) in this scene from Stanley Donen's comedy-thriller Charade ( 1963 ). Marin, a native of Paris, was a popular character actor both in Europe and in America. In 1966, he was reunited with Hepburn in How to Steal a Million...another film set in Paris. 

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  1. Ive read about AUDREY HEPBURN helping people during WORLD WAR II. She might not have looked strong on the outside but she had an inner strength. P.S. STANLEY DONEN was once married to YVETTE MIMIEUX. I really like her in movies. She was especially good in the TV-Movies FORBIDDEN LOVE(1982) and OBSESSIVE LOVE(1984). They were both for CBS. In the first one she is seeing a younger man(ANDREW STEVENS, who in real-life is the son of STELLA STEVENS). In the second one she becomes involved with a soap star but is disturbed and confuses the actor with his character. She wrote the story for the second one. She was an elegant actress. Classic TV Fan

  2. Yvette CO-WROTE the story. She was also a co-producer. I want to add that the soap actor was played by SIMON MACCORKINDALE who played GREG REARDON, the lawyer of ANGELA CHANNING(JANE WYMAN) on FALCON CREST. In the movie his wife is played by CONSTANCE MCCASHIN from KNOTS LANDING where she played LAURA AVERY later LAURA SUMNER. In real-life his second wife was actress SUSAN GEORGE. They were married until his passing. He was 58. Classic TV Fan

  3. That is an interesting bit of trivia: Two films that starred Audrey Hepburn and Jacques Marin!