Thursday, July 11, 2019

From the Archives: The Valley of Gwangi ( 1969 )

This month's From the Archive photo isn't really from our archives but it was such a great shot we could not resist sharing it: James Franciscus and Gila Golan were captured in this candid snapshot on the set of The Valley of Gwangi ( 1969 ). This adventure film is most famous for its special effects which were created by Ray Harryhausen. 


  1. I only know JAMES FRANCISCUS from two TV-Movies. ALOHA MEANS GOODBYE with SALLY STRUTHERS as a young woman with a rare blood disease. James plays her doctor. Its a good movie but different. The other one is TRIAL RUN about lawyers. It has LESLIE NIELSEN as his boss. Classic TV Fan

    1. James Franciscus was a good actor but, outside of television, he wasn't given many juicy film roles. Marooned ( 1969 ) is well-worth checking out though.