Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Summer Place..and Wow, what a Place!

Have you ever noticed that the most melodramatic movies take place at the most beautiful locales? I always marvel at how the "Summer Place" characters can have such problems while living in such a paradise. 

This week's still shot features Richard Egan having a chat with the kiddies ( Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee ) on their way back from the beach outside of his ocean-front home. If it looks like a Frank Lloyd Wright house, that's because it is. Did you guess that? You're "wright"! ( Ouch, I'm getting worse... )

Walker House, as it is known, was designed by Wright in 1948 and is situated at Scenic Road in Monterey Bay, Carmel, California. Gosh, does Monterey looks gorgeous or what! I'd ditch Troy Donahue and concentrate on building a beach shack there instead. 

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