Monday, September 30, 2013

Day One - The Great Imaginary Film Blogathon

Step Right Up! Step Right Up!  Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...come one, come all to see the amazing, the mysterious, the fantasmagorical, and the most imaginative films that were never made! That's right folks, it is only here that you can 

                            SEE the casts of thousands, 

                                      SEE the greatest actors, 

                                           and SEE the greatest directors 

                                                     all joined together under one bloggy tent! 

Alright, alright...maybe you can't quite "see" these films on celluloid but if you put on your super-duper high-powered fantasy envisioning goggles you can get a really clear picture of what they may have looked like. 

Fantasies, adventures, mysteries, dramas, sultry romances, horrors and tales of suspense are all to be had for the price of a mere flick of the wrist and a click of the finger. Now is the day to take a journey into someone else's imagination and see the films that they wished could have been made, but never were! That's what the Great Imaginary Film blogathon is all about!

This isn't the circus of Dr. Lao ...

and you won't see any man eating tigers...

or pushme-pullyus...

but you will read about alot of great fantasy films!! 

So have fun all! Be sure to leave comments for these immensely imaginative bloggers. We also thought we would post a poll ( look to your right ) so you can VOTE for your favorite film idea. ( It was a last-minute idea! )

First up...

  • Patti will be sharing on her blog, They Don't Make 'Em Like They Use Toher version of what she would have liked the ending of "A Place in the Sun" to be like. This post is apart of her month-long celebration of Montgomery Clift. Click here to read all about it. 

  • Fritzi Kramer will gather up all the golden stars of the silent era and feature them in one United Artists movie extravaganza "The Golden Challenge". Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, John Barrymore and Pola Negri race after a fortune in gold that is hidden in the desert. Check out this exciting event at Movies Silently.

  • A Mythical Monkey has written up a scathingly brilliant interpretation of a film that just NEEDS to be made...Model Railroader Magazine : The Movie starring Buster Keaton. We're sure Walt Disney would have taken up this story to produce. 

For a complete schedule of posts, check out the The Great Imaginary Film Blogathon Master List. 


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  2. My review of the so-delicious-I-wish-it-was-real Murder Most Foul is here!

  3. Good luck with your blogathon. I think it's a fabulous concept and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading all the entries.
    I only wish I was a classic film blogger myself!

    1. Thank you Paul. It's easy-as-pie to start a blog...and boy, are the topics to write about endless! The classic film world needs more writers just to cover all the fabulous films that have been made!

  4. Hey Guys,

    Heres my post for the blogathon: - Thanks and Enjoy!

  5. Here's the link to my post for The Golden Challenge. Thanks!

  6. Here we go! For Day 2 here it is my Musical Mob, from 1934: