Saturday, January 18, 2014

Behind the Screen : The Hidden Masters of the Golden Age of Filmmaking

In celebration of the new year ( alright, so we're a little late ) and our 100th post we wanted to start a new series. So often us bloggers focus our reviews, bios and praise on the celebrated actors and actresses of film and television, and in some rare cases the celebrated directors, costume designers and composers of our favorite films, but how much do we know about, and help share our knowledge of, the hundreds, if not thousands, of workers behind-the-scenes that are practically forgotten today? 

We all know Edith Head, but how many of us recognize the talents of 11-time Oscar nominated costume designer Bill Thomas? We've all heard of Cedric Gibbons and his wizardry with creating sets, but who admires the work of Lyle Wheeler, a marvelous set designer of over 350 films? We all enjoy the films of director Preston Sturges, and will for many years to come, but has Richard Fleischer's legacy been forgotten? We hope not, and in our small way we are going to try and keep the memory of all these talented individuals alive by writing little posts about them throughout the year for our new series "Behind the Screen : The Hidden Masters of the Golden Age of Filmmaking".  Screenwriters, costume designers, make-up artists, set decorators, hair dressers, assistant directors, still photographers, editors, name it, we'll cover them all. 

To start off the series, we're going to take a look at the costumes and career of Travis Banton. ( Check back tomorrow for this post! ) 

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