Friday, July 11, 2014

The Impossibly Difficult Name that Movie Game

It is once again time for a round of the Impossibly Difficult Name that Movie game. For this outing we got a nice summer-themed image on display. It's a scene from a very entertaining, although not all too famous film...and just to show you how kind we are, we're making this really easy. You're staring at two of the leading ladies of the film in this screenshot. 

As usual, if you are not familiar with the rules to the Impossibly Difficult Name that Movie game or the prize, click here!


Congratulations to David Hartzog who correctly guessed Marjorie Morningstar ( 1958 ) starring Natalie Wood. If you squint really fine you might catch a glimpse of her - and Carolyn Jones - saluting the stars and stripes. They're the gals with beige shorts. A hearty thanks to every one who tried guessing! 


  1. Bad news, it's not Good News.....but a good try nevertheless. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Those uniforms certainly do look like they belong to Camp Inch's stock, but sorry, this isn't a scene from The Parent Trap. Try again!

  3. Do you ever post the answers after a certain amount of time? I really want to find out what movie this picture is from!!!

    1. Actually, we thought leaving the game "open", sort to speak, would be more entertaining. This way people new to our site can still join in and try to guess the old screen shots posted. Otherwise it would be like finding a lonely newspaper on a subway seat and discovering that the crossword puzzle has been filled in. We may give hints eventually though. The other guessers were on the right track with it being a girl's camp. ;-)

  4. Replies
    1. Hurrah!!! You nailed this one, Mr. Hartzog. Head on over to our shop ( ) and if you see a photo that you like ( up to a $6.00 value ) it is yours! If you don't have an eBay account just let us know which photo you like. Please use the Contact link on the header to provide us with your mailing address. Congratulations! This one was a toughy.

    2. Thanks, and thank you for creating these excellent games.