Friday, February 20, 2015

The Impossibly Difficult Name that Movie Quiz

Weeeeeeee! Here is one classy lady with a terrified look on her face. We know that you know who this woman is, but what we want to know is the movie she is playing in. If you can guess that then hats off to you too!! 

As always, if you are unfamiliar with the rules to the game or the prize, click here


OCGal is the winner! 


  1. "The Lady Vanishes", ski scene with Dame May Whitty
    - OCGal

    1. Well you're on the right track...sort of. This actress isn't a dame in the British sense of the word, but certainly is in the American way... Good try but guess again!

    2. Edna May Oliver snow plows with the best of them in "Paradise for Three"
      - OCGal

    3. Hoorah! You're spot on with that guess! Head on over to the Contact Us tab above and pop us an email with "Contest Winner" in the subject line and we'll give you the skinny on how to claim your prize. Congratulations!