Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Book Release - Ann Blyth : Actress. Singer. Star

If you thought of Ann Blyth as just another actress, think again. In her latest book, "Ann Blyth : Actress. Singer. Star ", New England author Jacqueline Lynch has compiled a thorough analysis of the beautiful Ann Blyth's extensive career which encompassed not only motion pictures, but theatre, radio and television. And of course, we all know how she can sing! 

Ann Blyth began her career in Hollywood as a child star in the early 1940s. She gave a stand-out performance in Mildred Pierce ( 1945 ) which garnered her an Academy Award nomination ( at sixteen years of age, she was the youngest actress to be nominated for a Best Actress award ), but it was her exquisite voice which endeared her to fans across the world. The lovely soprano's career peaked in the early 1950s when she was making as many as 4-5 films per year, ranging from comedies ( Katie Did It ), and musicals ( The Student Prince, Kismet ), to dramas ( The World in His Arms, One Minute to Zero ). 

Author Jacqueline Lynch began her research into Ann Blyth's life and career in 2013, when she spotlighted Ann Blyth for a year-long series of posts for her blog, Another Old Movie Blog. This project led to Lynch to discover that very few of Blyth's films were available to the public and worse yet, hardly any information was available about this talented lady's career. 

Unlike many biographies which delve too deeply into an actor's personal life, Lynch's new biography puts the full spotlight on Blyth's multi-faceted career. The book is a comprehensive review of Ann Blyth's films, radio work, live concerts and television appearances. In short, it's a must-have addition to any film fan's library!

To purchase a copy of Ann Blyth : Actress. Singer. Star head on over to, Createspace, and Lynch's Etsy shop

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