Friday, July 10, 2015

350 Movie Stills on Auction This Sunday!

When we are not busy watching movies or blogging, my sister and I sell original movie stills on eBay through our store Silverbanks Pictures and this Sunday, starting at 8pm ET, we will be holding the biggest movie stills auction we ever held with over 350 photos ending within the auction's two-hour span. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to the UCLA Film & Television Archive so please head on over to the auctions and try your luck at bidding on some of these beautiful still photos. You will help contribute to a worthy cause - film preservation! - and get a chance to own a great piece of Hollywood history in the bargain. Woo-woo!  All photos start at $9.95. 

To wet your appetite, here is a sampling of some of the photos that will be auctioned off :

A Splendid Hazard ( 1924 ) 
In this lovely scene Napoleon is seen contemplating the meaning of life by the water's edge. 

The Mystery of Edwin Drood ( 1935 ) 
Valerie Hobson and Heather Angel are looking chipper as Douglass Montgomery looks on. 

Rita Johnson ( 1941 )
Rita is looking too darn elegant to be seated in front of that little belly stove.

Seven Days Leave ( 1942 ) 
This handsome couple is none other than a young Lucille Ball and the beefy Victor Mature.

The Wedding March ( 1928 ) 
Erich Von Stroheim seems to be giving instructions to this soldiers, not that it looks like they need any. 

The Wedding March ( 1925 ) 
Here is Stroheim again, this time wooing his beloved Fay Wray in the garden.

Mrs. Miniver ( 1942 ) 
Two charming actresses, the lovely Teresa Wright and Dame May Whitty

How Green Was My Valley ( 1941 ) 
Maureen O'Hara in a beautiful lace wedding gown looking surprisingly happy, considering she isn't marrying the man she loves. 

The Song of Bernadette ( 1943 ) 
Anne Revere made so many excellent films in the 1940s and this was one of them. We're also selling some stills of her in Gentleman's Agreement. 

Shepherd of the Hills ( 1941 ) 
John Wayne is uber-young here and that's Harry Carey besides him ( I think... )

I Take This Woman ( 1939 )
Your guess is as good as mine as to which woman Spence is taking, but our bet is riding on Hedy Lamarr. That's Paul Cavanaugh standing across from her, a great character actor. 

The Arab ( 1924 ) 
Alice Terry is enthralled with Ramon Navarro but I'm more amazed at that background scenery. It looks like it was filmed on location!

Wee Willie Winkie ( 1937 )
Shirley Temple films always featured a young couple having a romance ( to entertain the adult crowd ). In this picture it's June Lang and Michael Whalen having a tete-a-tete on the back porch.

Today We Live ( 1933 ) 
Gary Cooper and Joan Crawford are looking somber as they survey the names on the list engraved within the church walls. 

Random Harvest ( 1943 ) 
This was a great scene. Ronald Colman is staring out the window while listening to an old hymn sounds familiar to him but darn! he just can't remember where he heard it before.

White Feather ( 1955 ) 
Robert Wagner and Jeffrey Hunter are watching the man with the feathers as intently as if he were going to make the rain fall. 

The Barbarian ( 1933 ) 
Rudolph Valentino couldn't light a candle to Ramon Navarro ( personal opinion ) but obviously Myrna Loy agrees with us for she is bedazzled by this Arab sheik.

Four Daughters ( 1938 ) 
A rare photo of all four daughters ( the Lane sisters plus one non-Lane ) and their father ( Claude Rains ) and aunt ( May Robson ). 

A Holy Terror ( 1931 ) 
George O'Brien is looking mighty hunky in his polo costume and he is sparkling just as much as the Packard he is standing beside. 

Janet Gaynor ( 1930s ) 
Bon Voyage Janie! I don't know how you ended up in Bremen but I hope you have a good voyage back home.

Joel McCrea ( 1930s )
Joel McCrea was one of the hottest actors of the 1930s. Here he is at the beach lathering on the sun lotion...but get a look at how empty that beach is!

We hope you enjoyed our sampling. Click here to hop on over to our eBay store and browse over 350 stills ending this Sunday ( and 800 more photos that are currently in stock ). Other titles include Gone with the Wind, Rear Window, The Birds, Young Mr. Lincoln, Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever, The Quiet Man, Viva Villa, To Kill a Mockingbird, King Solomon's Mines and Gunga Din. 

Feel free to save the images, pin them on Pinterest, use them on your blog, or best of them to frame! 


  1. What an excellent post. I highly enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting. I would also like to invite you to participate in my upcoming blogathon in August. The link is below with more details

  2. I gave you guys a quick plug here yesterday:

    Hope the auction goes more than well!


    1. Thanks Greg! It must have helped plenty because we had stellar sales last night and - ta da! - reached our $500 donation goal.