Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Oscars Snubs Blogathon Has Arrived!

The 88th Annual Academy Awards will be taking place this Sunday night and, like most years, when they announce the winners for the coveted golden statuette there will be mixed feelings of whether the Academy awarded the Oscar to the right recipient. 

Film fans often disagree on who deserved Oscars in any particular year, but we rarely sit down to discuss the reasons behind these beliefs. Well, beginning today, you can read arguments from a variety of fans who express their outrage over some famous snubs made throughout the years. 

We are proud to be co-hosting The Oscars® Snubs Blogathon along with Quiggy of The Midnite Drive-In.

The Oscars® Snubs Blogathon Roll Call 

Copied from The Midnite Drive-In, be sure to check out Quiggy's site for the latest updates. 

Silver Scenes presents a solid case for Debbie Reynolds in The Unsinkable Molly Brown

There's a riot in the cell block over Joe McDoakes' snub by Movie Movie Blog Blog.

Silver Screenings proves it's not such a wonderful life when It's A Wonderful Life was snubbed.

Robert Preston gets his well-due praise from A Person in the Dark for Victor/Victoria.

Angelman's Place says Auntie Roz was robbed in Auntie Mame

 Yours truly (The Midnite Drive-In) makes a case for Peter O'Toole in The Stunt Man

Cinemaven's Essays from the Couch presents some excellent points on Sunset Boulevard's snubs. She also covers nine other great performances that have been passed over by the Academy.

Gary at MovieFanFare makes a case for six-time snub victim Thelma Ritter. 

Little Bits of Chaplin gives us an overview of the Little Tramp, Charlie Chaplin, and his hits and misses at the Academy Awards.

Sometimes They Go to Eleven tells us why The Lost Weekend should have lost Best Picture and why Mildred Pierce should have won.

The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog ponders about "Missy" Barbara Stanwyck's frequent misses at the Oscars. 

William Powell's snubs is the subject du jour for Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

100 characters were not enough for Peter Sellers to win an Oscar, Critica Retro opines. 

Margaret Perry enumerates several Oscars Katharine Hepburn should have received. 

A Shroud of Thoughts has some thoughts on the Beatle's snub. 

Silver Scenes thinks How the West Was Won should have won the Best Cinematography award...but it didn't. 

The Movie Night Group feels an injustice was served when Charles Laughton lost the Best Actor award for Witness to the Prosecution.

The Love Pirate is frustrated that Master and Commander : Far Side of the World did not command all of the Oscars it was nominated for in 2003.

 Defiant Success covers the many snubs of director Sidney Lumet. 

Check back each day as we update the roll call! 

Disclaimer : Silver Scenes and The Midnite Drive-In are in no way affiliated with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science. This event was organized purely for the enjoyment of readers and the sharing of thoughts. 


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