Sunday, January 14, 2018

British Pathé - Beat the Bandit ( 1961 )

Talk about the long arm of the law! These crime-fighters know how to handle bag-snatchers in London with their new invention. This 1-minute long 1961 British Pathé newsreel entitled Beat the Bandit showcases an amazing security case that literally sprouts arms the moment a bandit takes hold of it.... and it crushes the culprit's fingers in the process, too. Case closed! 

This would certainly make even today's criminals think twice about snitching a bag left at a bus terminal or airport. There are not many places one can escape to with a three-armed bag attached to the hand! 

It seems like an invention Scotland Yard may have stolen from C.O.N.T.R.O.L, but obviously works so I won't knock it. 

Hands off, Buster!

Ready to see it in action? Simply click on the link below : 

British Pathé - Amazing Anti-Theft Security Case! 

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  1. So we can only wonder why it didn't become the invention the year! I just can't put my finger on the reason!

    1. I know, it ought to be a common shelf item at JcPenney!