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Sunday, March 4, 2018

British Pathé: Matchbox Toy Cars ( 1965 )

Seeing a manufacturing process in action is always interesting, but this particular 1965 British Pathé film clip is extra fun to watch because it covers the process - from start to finish - of a toy Matchbox car being made....and what a detailed process it is!
In 1953, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's coronation, Lesney Products issued a tiny replica model of the coach used by the queen during the procession. It was such a big-seller that Lesney began a line called "Matchbox Cars" which featured detailed scale-models of all of the popular British automobiles, and later, American models, too. They were known as the Matchbox series because each model was packaged in a little yellow box which resembled a matchbox.

This 1 minute 59 second British Pathé film clip from their "How They Are Made" series shows how these little motorcars are designed, carved out of wood, molded, and then put into production. It's amazing what effort went into these toys and today's manufacturing process of Hot Wheels and other models is just as fascinating. 

Ready to watch Matchbox Toy Cars? Simply click on the link below.

British Pathé - Matchbox Toy Cars ( 1965 ) 

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  1. I had a couple of Matchbox cars as a kid. I don't have them anymore. They're probably rare and worth a fortune to collectors....

    1. Well, after seeing how they are made, I can see why they would be worth a pretty penny today. :-)

  2. This is a high quality design. My little princess would feel like a queen having this toy. Are they still available in the market?

  3. When you start collecting matchbox cars you don't realize that in a couple of years. You will have so many that you don't know what to do with them. Just the hard work you have to put into making one of these in the 50's, compared to now. They probably can make one hundred matchbox cars in seconds. Have a great day.
    Greg Prosmushkin

  4. Just the hard work you have to put into making one of these in the 50's, compared to now.