Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Diamond Triangle - The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries ( 1977 )

Nancy Drew and her friend George take to the skies in a glider in "The Diamond Triangle", the fourth episode in The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries ( 1977 ). 

While soaring high above River Heights, Nancy witnesses an antique Auburn Cord plunge off a dirt road. Once back on the ground, however, she is informed by the sheriff that the road has been unused since the bridge collapsed and no automobile could possibly have been on that road. No accident had been reported, either. Quite a mystery. 

Things get stranger when Nancy and George track down the owner of one of the few Cords in River Heights and discover that his car has been stolen...from a locked barn! 

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries was an entertaining television series that aired on Sunday nights on ABC between 1977-1979. These one-hour episodes alternated with mysteries featuring juveniles sleuths Frank Hardy and his brother Joe and River Heights' famous "part-time investigator" Nancy Drew. The Hardy Boys episodes were the more popular of the two because they featured teen-heartthrobs Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy but I always preferred the spunky Nancy Drew, admirably portrayed by Pamela Sue Martin. 

This episode is particularly fun because of its antique car theme and the presence of Nancy's friends George Fayne ( Jean Rasey ) and Ned Nickerson ( George O'Hanlon Jr. ). The threesome were quite a team and George and Nancy's witty exchanges always livened up the mysteries. "'We'll be down in a few minutes"...."That's what I'm afraid of!" There is also some nice glider footage and we get a good look at Nancy's sporty Mustang which appeared in just a few of the episodes. 

Guest-starring in The Diamond Triangle were some very familiar television character actors including Phillip R. Allen ( The Bad News Bears ), Len Lesser ( Seinfeld ), Robert Karnes, Gordon Jump as Officer Hooper, and William Schallert in his recurring role as Nancy's father Carson Drew. 

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