Tuesday, December 7, 2021

From the Archives: How to Steal a Million ( 1966 )

We often come across movie stills that feature scenes that were later cut from films. This particular one is from the classic caper How to Steal a Million ( 1966 ) starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole. We believe this scene - at an office using IBM machines - may have appeared before Nicole ( Hepburn ) goes on her dinner date with David Leland ( Eli Wallach ). It was probably considered unessential to the story, so instead, we see Nicole simply mentioning to her father that she met an American tycoon who has a computer business. Whether this cut footage exists somewhere or was scraped is a mystery. 

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  1. How to steal a millon is one of my favorite movies. I'm thinking this might be a comical scene what's with the scattered papers and the look on Hepburn's face.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. It sure is a fun film...and one of my favorites, too! It would be great if this cut footage was found and later added to a DVD release.

    2. was a extra in the film