Saturday, July 30, 2022

Film Albums: Doctor Dolittle ( 1967 ) - The Mike Sammes Singers

When Doctor Dolittle was released in 1967, 20th Century Fox studios thought it would have received a much better box-office reception than it did. In fact, they were not the only ones who thought so. The music was so beautiful that The Lawrence Welk Show featured an episode that included many of the upcoming songs and Sammy Davis Jr. and Bobby Darin both released albums on the music from Doctor Dolittle, hoping to capitalize on the success of the film. Another group that did a fantastic recording of songs from the film were The Mike Sammes Singers. This fabulous British group did some work for Walt Disney Studios in the 1960s and they ended up recording a number of albums for the studio's Disneyland Records label, all of which were led by the great Camarata, more familiarly known by Disney fans as "Tutti" Camarata. 

This album ( ST-3979 ) featured beautiful recordings of all of the main tunes from the film plus a "magnificent full-color illustrated book" that children could enjoy while they were listening to the songs. Instead of listing the tracks like we usually do, we have pasted a picture of the back of the album. 

If you enjoy Leslie Bricusse music, then this album should not be passed over. Where are the words to describe the beautiful things about it to enjoy? 

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