Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Film Albums: From Russia with Love ( 1964 ) - Si Zentner and his Orchestra

If you ever heard the music of big band leader Si Zentner you would know that he is famous for his exciting bold brassy sound, so, when the James Bond films exploded onto film in the early 1960s with their bold sound as well, it seemed a natural choice that Si Zentner would release an album of Bond themes. And what a fun album to listen to! The title song, From Russia with Love is especially spunky. This album was released in 1964 by Liberty Records ( who also released Matt Monro's From Russia with Love theme ) as LST-3353.

Included with the 007 theme and other Bond themes, is a fantastic rendition of Charade ( by Henry Mancini ) as well as Mancini's famous themes to Peter Gunn and Mr. Lucky

Track Listing:

Side One:

The James Bond Theme

Burke's Law Theme

Mr. Lucky


The Third Man

Peter Gunn

Side Two:

From Russia with Love

M Squad Theme


Bond's "007" Theme

The Man with the Golden Arm

The Fugitive Theme

Top Music Picks: From Russia with Love, Charade, Mr. Lucky, The Fugitive

You can listen to Si Zentner's From Russia with Love album on Youtube as well as through Spotify, audio CD, and of course LP. 

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