Thursday, January 19, 2023

British Pathé: The Royal Tour in Technicolor ( 1966 )

In this 1966 British Pathé newsreel, we get a glimpse of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip taking a holiday ( ahem, royal tour ) in the West Indies colony known as British Guinea. Arriving in the royal yacht Brittania, the Queen did her customary walkabout, greeting the governor and other dignities before taking the grand tour of Georgetown and the surrounding sugar plantations. 

The Queen received a grand turnout of spectators, most of whom were told to boycott their visit but obviously did not. British Guinea declared its independence from Great Britain in 1965 and so this visit from the Queen was like a royal farewell salute before the nation celebrated its official independence day in May 1966.  

Ready to watch The Royal Tour? Simply click on the link below:

The Royal Tour ( 1966 ) - 3:57 minutes

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  1. I look forward to checking these out!

    1. Newsreels are fun to watch... especially because they are so short and to the point. Too bad modern news couldn't be shared in such an interesting manner.

  2. You find and share the coolest things :-D

    1. I'm glad you find them interesting! It seems like everyday I discover something new...and nothing makes me happier then sharing them with others.