Thursday, March 9, 2023

From the Archives: Mary, Mary ( 1963 )

In this 1963 publicity photo, Debbie Reynolds is seen modeling one of the many beautiful dresses designed by William Travilla for the film Mary, Mary. Travilla should have released a special line of clothing for department stores with each dress copying a style seen in his most recent films. They would have been big sellers at Sears! 

From the Archives is our latest series of posts where we share photos from the Silverbanks Pictures collection. Some of these may have been sold in the past, and others may still be available for purchase at our eBay store :


  1. I love this movie and watch it anytime it’s shown on tv: I think that Diane McBain and Michael Rennie steal the show from Debbie Reynolds and Barry Nelson. And may I say that I love the apartmentšŸ˜€


    1. This is one of the few Debbie Reynolds films I have not seen yet, so I'm glad to hear you enjoy it! McBain and Rennie steal scenes? That I have to see! Tonight I will be starting "The Rat Race" with Debbie and Tony Curtis...that's another film that is rarely shown on television.

  2. TCM has shown it a few times over the years and I try to see it when shown. And it’s my opinion that Michael Rennie is the best thing in the movie swiftly followed by Diane. Ronnie’s character is very amusing as a movie star who wants to be a writer. I always get the sense that Debbie is not comfortable in the role of Mary. Let me/us know what you think once you’ve seen it.