Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dating Tips from Rock Hudson

Here are some "rock" solid dating tips from lover boy himself...Mr. Rock Hudson! In this modern age it is hard to find good advice on dating so we decided to see what can be learned from one of the most debonair men of the 1950s and 60s. Who said you can't learn valuable lessons on life from the movies? On screen, Rock gave alot of great tips on man's favorite sport, the pursuit of women. So let's ado with any more talk and get on to the juicy tips he gave....

Do's - 

- Drive a luxury car. And there isn't any car more luxurious than a Rolls. That was Rock's choice and it should be yours too. If you own a villa in Italy that helps alot too. Women love a room with a view. 

- Be a Texan gentleman and wear a tweed suit. A lady will overlook a gruffy beard when she meets a true gentleman, and nothing spells a gentleman like an over-sized tweed suit. 

- Learn all the latest dance moves. Is the Watusi in style? Well, you better dig that and shimmy real good. You never know when you may be called upon to show off your dance moves, so they better be impressive.

- Get into a brawl over a worthy cause. There's nothing women like more than seeing their man be the hero...even if you do wind up with your face in the salad bowl. It will make a giant man out of you. 

- Dress appropriately. It is true, styles come and go, but pink flower hats and war paint are never proper attire for everyday shopping..and if you really want to get close to the chicks you'll have to do a lot of shopping with them. 

If you follow these "dos" of dating you'll be sure to have your date pining "lover come back!" and asking for more pillow talk. You are on the road to starting a relationship that is something of value, and may even become a magnificent obsession for you. 

Don'ts - 

- Don't get your tie caught in your girlfriend's dress zipper.  Not only is it an embarrassing situation but those zippers are murder on a man's tie! 

- Don't kiss the neighborhood divorcee in the country club coat room...especially in front of your sweetheart. Sneaky is as sneaky does. 

- Don't call your date on a three-way party line. The gal on the other end may just be more interesting than your sweetheart and then where would you be?

- And lastly, when it is time for the big wedding don't escort your bride to the church in a paddy wagon. Yes, they are very safe vehicles and can be hired cheaply, but a bride wants something special. Even a poultry truck would be a better choice. 

If you don't follow these simple tips than do not be surprised if your date calls you a strange bedfellow and tells you to "Do me a very special favor and send me no flowers". Say farewell to her arms then, that love is written on the wind. 


  1. brilliant....this should have been written in the 50s/60s...guys would have taken this seriously...

  2. Ha! I doubt that Doc. Most guys didn't get into nearly as many awkward moments as Rock Hudson had to.

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  4. Thanks Mickey, the "Rock" never knew he was giving away such valuable advice.

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