Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hollywood Home Tour - John Boles

"Well, the Metzinger gals were unable to find me a map of Los Angeles so I thought let's just chuck the whole map idea... I don't know this area very well but I do know a movie star's home when I see one! And speaking of Hollywood homes, here I see John Boles estate coming up on the right.

2265 Canyon Drive, Los Angeles

"My! is that a beautiful home. The landscaping is just magnificent. John Boles always was one to have an eye for beauty. He married the beautiful Marielite Dobbs shortly after graduating from high school and, unlike most Hollywood marriages, they stayed a couple till his death in 1969. 

"Boles started his film career back in the days of the silents but when the talkies arrived he made the switch and that's when his career really took off. He was one of the most popular leading men of the 1930s. Musicals were his forte, and RKO and Warner Brothers used his good looks and fine singing talent to advantage in such lavish musicals as  The Desert Song, Rio Rita, and Song of the West. In addition to musicals, he excelled at dramatic films such as The Age of Innocence ( 1932 ), Craig's Wife ( 1936 ) and Stella Dallas ( 1937 ). He also starred in several Shirley Temple films. His most popular role today remains his portrayal of Victor Moritz in Frankenstein ( 1931 ). 
John Boles and his family lived in this spacious Spanish stucco manor during the early 1930s. Does anyone have any questions?"

"Yes Al...where did Boles move to later on?"

"In the 1940s he purchased a home out in Beverly Hills on South Roxbury Drive and then they moved to North Oakhurst Drive after that. Any other questions?....Okay, off we go to see what other Hollywood homes we can find!"

This post is apart of the Silver Scenes Hollywood Home Tour, hosted by Al the bus driver. 

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