Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Impossibly Difficult Name that Movie Game

Oh boy...if we don't have enough features already ( we don't ), here we go starting another one. Everybody has played Name that Movie sometime/someplace or another, but we don't care for simpleton games for simpleton folks. So we got our own little variation of the game. Each month, or every two weeks - depending on how lazy we are - we'll post a screenshot from a classic flick and YOU have to name the film. What's different about that? Get a load of our screenshots! 

This won't be no easy game for the casual movie fan, but each shot should give you enough clues to narrow the field down to a certain year/decade/genre/actor if you're clever enough. And to entice you to throw out your guess - no matter how wild it is - we're giving away a FREE ORIGINAL MOVIE STILL from Silverbanks Pictures to anyone who can name that film!

Here's the details to the game :

1. Name that Film begins the moment the post is posted. If you make a guess before we post the screenshot you don't win anything. You'll just be a fortune teller.

2. Only one comment per comment box please. If we tell you you are wrong and you want to guess again, go right ahead! Just don't string your guesses all together in one box. Cheater, cheater, cheater.

3. All films are either UK or US releases from pre-1975. If a television movie and foreign film screenshot is being used we will state so. We're not that sneaky.

4. The game will remain open until a winner is announced. If no winner is announced, the game is still going.

5. There is only one winner for each screenshot. First one to correctly guess wins. What is the prize? Any original movie still in the Silverbanks Pictures eBay store - up to a $6 value. Yeah, we're generous people. ( Actually, 90% of the inventory is under $6, so you don't have to feel too badly ). We'll cover shipping in the continental U.S. If you decide to purchase more than one still ( bully for you! ) shipping is still free...we'll just deduct $6 from your purchase total.

6. If you are announced the winner you have up to three weeks to contact us ( Contact Us is located on the menu below our blog's header ) to receive instructions on how to claim your prize.

Are you thoroughly confused yet? 

Then let's begin with the first Impossibly Difficult screenshot : 

Good luck guessing! 

Update Aug. 21, 2013 : 


The winner is Caftan Woman who correctly guessed "Flame Over India" aka "Northwest Frontier" ( 1959 ) starring Kenneth More, Lauren Bacall, Herbert Lom, Wilfred Hyde White, "Gupta", and the REAL star....Victoria, the Empress of India! She was the original Little-Engine-That-Could. In this scene the little engine and her stalwart crew had just entered the city after completing a successful escape mission.


  1. You can't fool me! Well, actually, you can, but I had an immediate flashback to the late, late show and "Flame Over India". I love my Kenneth More.

  2. Holy smokes!! Are you good or what! That's not even Kenneth More or any of the principal players in that scene. Drop us an email and I'll tell you how you can claim your prize. Congratulations on getting that answer spot on!

  3. Oh my gosh, am I ever chuffed! It was the train tracks. You never know what little thing will zap the memory.

  4. Grrrr.... of course Caftan Woman won - she is a genius! Congrats, CW!

  5. I think that the brightly garbed Latina with the soldier, (8/11/2016), is from INTERRUPTED MELODY...with Eleanor Parker playing Opera Singer Marjorie Lawrence. The scene looks like it's from CARMEN.

    1. Elizabeth, you got it!! Use the Contact Us tab at the top of the page to send us an email with "Impossibly Difficult" in the subject line and we'll tell you how you can claim your prize.

  6. Is the couple in the Lower Right corner JANE WYMAN and ROCK HUDSON from MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION? Either that, or ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS. I think they made three "weepers" together, in the mid 50s.

    1. If you're referring to our latest screenshot, then no on both guesses....try again! ( I didn't see the Jane Wyman resemblance before, but now that you pointed it out that woman does have her hairdo! )