Monday, November 4, 2013

School Bells Ringing, Children Swinging

Boy meets horse, boy loses horse, boy miraculously gets horse back - stories like these were endlessly cropping up in films of the late 1940s. "National Velvet" and "My Friend Flicka" started a chain reaction that continued on until the early 1950s. Most of these follow-ups were just average productions, but The Red Pony ( 1949 ) was a stand out. Beautiful Technicolor and big name drawing actors like Robert Mitchum and Myrna Loy helped draw the adult crowd to this pleasing family film. A young Peter Miles plays Tom Tiflin, the pony's proud papa, and here we see him getting a teasing from his fellow schoolmates. He probably should run to teacher for help, but won't, since she is played by the inimitable Margaret Hamilton. 

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