Sunday, October 18, 2020

British Pathe: Model Racing Cars ( 1956 )

This 1956 British Pathe newsreel takes us to the workshop of Alban Adams and Christopher Crockett who are building 1/16th scale race cars modeled after authentic Formula 3 automobiles. 

Adams claimed to have been the inventor of slot cars ( check out this website for more details about that ) and his little racers featured motors that ran on diesel fuel and were capable of up to 60mph (!).

Unlike American slot cars, the metal rails do not have an electric current running through them and the "slot" is used primarily to guide the cars around the track. They are highly-detailed and it looks like Adams made everything himself ( the chassis, motor...even the tires! ). I think eventually when sales skyrocketed he must have hired lots of help. 

Ready to watch Model Racing Cars? Simply click on the link below:

Model Racing Cars ( 1956 ) - 2:07 minutes 

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  1. Miniature race cars that run on diesel and up to 60 MPH? That's amazing!