Saturday, April 2, 2022

Film Albums - A New Series

Since it is the beginning of April - and we just began the spring season - it seems an appropriate time to begin a new series here on Silver Scenes. This is a fun one called Film Albums where we will introduce a different film or television-related album dating from the 1950s-1980s. Judging from the number of albums I have discovered in the last few months, it should run for a very long time!

As far back as I can remember ( meaning the baby-food-age ), I have always loved listening to record albums on our stereo consel. My sister and I were introduced to the wonderful world of LPs when we were wee youngsters and we have many fond memories of dancing to the music of Enoch Light and Herb Alpert or enjoying the ballads of Frank Sinatra, Earl Grant, and Ed Ames before we even knew who these singers were. When we reached our teens, we began buying our own albums to add to the family collection and picked up dozens at second-hand stores, church rummage sales, and flea markets. 

Of course, being film buffs we were drawn to film albums. One of the very first albums we bought was this gem - Original Sound Tracks and Hit Music from Great Motion Picture Themes - from the United Artists label. It cost us only 25 cents....and we are still enjoying its music to this day. 

This album was released in 1961 and features some beautiful themes from United Artist releases of 1957-61. The Big Country, I Want to Live and The Vikings are particularly good. This album was followed up by another album in 1962 titled "More Original Sound Tracks and Hit Music from Great Motion Picture Themes" which did indeed include more great themes, and yet another album in 1967 called "Original Sound Tracks and Hit Music from Great Motion Picture Themes Volume 2".

Click here to listen to the album on Youtube. 

From here on, each post in the Film Albums series will be tagged "Film Albums" so you can simply click on the tag to see all previous posts. 


  1. What a bargain, and what a find! I have a friend who has this album and I've always coveted it. Looking forward to your series!

    1. I always liked albums that featured multiple film themes ( vs soundtracks ) and it's so nice that there were many made in the 1960s. I hope you'll enjoy this series, Karen....maybe you'll discover a special album yourself that your friend will envy!

  2. Love this! My family used to have some compilation albums like this that I used to love listening to. Really looking forward to this series!