Friday, April 8, 2022

Hawaiian Eye to Air on Decades TV

Each weekend, the Decades TV channel picks one television show and airs it back-to-back in a weekend marathon. Usually, the shows they pick can be seen on other channels so watching a marathon of a popular series isn't all that special, but occasionally they unearth some not-so-frequently seen series, e.g. The Time Tunnel. This weekend, they really delved into the land of forgotten television shows and came up with a winner - Hawaiian Eye

This detective show premiered in 1959 on ABC and ran for four seasons before it was canceled in 1963. Anthony Eisley starred as private investigator Tracy Steele who operated a detective agency in Honolulu with his partner Tom ( Robert Conrad ). Usually, their cases involved security services in connection with the Hawaiian Village Hotel, one of their clients. Cricket Blake ( Connie Stevens ), who works at the hotel as a photographer/singer, helps them on occasion, as does cab driver Kim Quisado ( Poncie Ponce ). Later, when Eisley left the series, Troy Donahue and Grant Williams joined the Hawaiian Eye agency. 

The Decades TV marathon of Hawaiian Eye begins tomorrow at 12pm EST and will cover the entire first season of the series as well as part of the second season, ending Sunday at midnight. Since Hawaiian Eye has not yet been released on DVD and is unavailable through any streaming channel, be sure to tune in this weekend!


  1. I haven't been able to access Decades TV since I cut cable a few years ago, and I miss it. After reading your post, I miss it even more -- I'd love to check out this classic!

    1. We're located in the Cleveland area and Decades TV is one of many free over-the-air channels, but sometimes you have to add the channel to your TV in order to find it (!). They have a provider list on their website:
      Decades is indeed a great channel....they have an especially good evening weekday lineup, too. :-)