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Film Albums: Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren (1960)

This month's featured film album is a departure from the usual soundtrack LP and features two popular stars of the 1960s - Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren - joining forces for a rollicking good time on a self-titled album. Peter displays his ability to change his voice for various characters on some comedic tracks and the remaining pieces are musical numbers performed as duets or just by Ms. Loren herself.

Sophia Loren had a charming singing voice with a heavy Italian accent. Her "Americano" number from It Started in Naples (1960) is probably her most famous song, but she also did the wonderful "Soldi, Soldi, Soldi" from Boccaccio 70 (1962) which I think was her best. On this album, she performs "Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo" and "I Fell in Love with an Englishman" with Peter Sellers contributing some funny commentary. But don't think he can't sing! For the "Fare Thee Well" number, you'll hear that he has a surprisingly pleasant voice. 

This album probably sold a good number of copies on its release because it features the song "Goodness Gracious Me!" which reached into the Top 5 in the UK. This comedy novelty number was conceived by George Martin, the Beatle's producer, as a nod to The Millionairess and told the story of an Italian woman visiting an Indian doctor to tell him about her heart going "boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom" and eventually causing his heart to do the same! 

The wonderful Ron Goodwin and his Orchestra provided the music for this LP which was released by Angel Records (33910). 

Click here to listen to Goodness Gracious Me! on Youtube. (You can also find all of the other songs online)

Track Listing

Side One:

Goodness Gracious Me


Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo

Side Two:

Oh, Lady be Good!

To Keep My Love Alive

Why Worry?

Grandpa's Grave

I Fell in Love with an Englishman

Fare Thee Well

Top Picks: Goodness Gracious Me, Fare Thee Well, Why Worry? Zoo be Zoo be Zoo

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